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Sun Records: Margaret Anne Florence on Playing the Other Woman

Meet Margaret Anne Florence — the actress who plays Marion Keisker, Sam Phillips’ dedicated assistant in the Sun Records. Marion is strong-willed, beautiful and intelligent and struggling to be a modern woman in 1950s Memphis. Interestingly enough, Florence was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and has deep roots in Memphis as her mother grew up there in the ’50s. So you might say, this project is one dear to her heart. You have such a strong connection to the South already. What drew you to this project specifically?

Florence: I’ve always had a huge affinity for the ’50s, and my mom was actually born in Memphis, so my family has a huge attachment to that. My mom was born in 1948, which is exactly in the era of when this show takes place. So, there was no question that I was interested in the project right away.
I’m also a singer, so I’ve always had an interest in music, as well. And when I was younger, I had a poster of Elvis on my wall. I love that period of history. I was also especially interested in this character. Marion was a woman ahead of her time.


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