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Meet the Woman Who Really Discovered Elvis

Margaret Anne Florence takes us behind the scenes of TV's next musical hit.

The new series Sun Records, premiering February 23, explores the beginnings of some of American music’s most influential characters—including Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley—but one of the program’s most compelling characters didn’t become a household name. Marion Keisker was a Memphis radio personality and the assistant to record executive Sam Phillips; she’s also the person credited with first recording Presley, something for which Phillips would get all the glory. Margaret Anne Florence plays Keisker in the series, and here she chats with T&C about taking on the role, and her own personal connection to the King.

This is a series about the booming music scene in 1950s Memphis and how it came to impact so much of American culture, but that wasn’t the only draw for you sign on.
As crazy as it sounds, I’ve always had a fascination with Elvis. My mom was born in Memphis and there were always stories about Elvis; my grandfather was a lawyer in Memphis and my great-uncle owned a restaurant there—Elvis would come in and play his own records—so I grew up fascinated by that time and place. To have this project come up in my life now felt right. I connected to it in a way that perhaps somebody else wouldn’t have, so to be part of it was a dream come true.
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